Innovative Solutions in Infrared Spectroscopy

Spectrolytic has become the pioneer in the supply of cost effective, mid-infrared spectroscopy solutions, offering the lowest cost per measurement point. Spectrolytic’s product portfolio moves the powerful analytical technology of mid-infrared spectroscopy out of the laboratory into the field, providing real time analysis anywhere, anytime.

Our products provide the customers with the relevant analysis where and when it is needed and save the customer the shipping costs of the samples, the cost of lab analysis and many days of waiting and uncertainty until the samples have been processed by the lab.

Spectrolytic provides solutions for many challenging measurement and process control problems and we aim to be the partner of choice to provide robust and fast solutions to your problems. With the IoT now also becoming an integral part of industrial processes (Industry 4.0) Spectrolytic offers custom solutions, embedded solutions, OEM products or private label products.

Spectrolytic Static FTIR Spectrometer

Static FTIR Spectrometer

The static FTIR spectrometer (sFTIR) is targeted at applications where speed, robustness and accuracy are required.

The sFTIR can be operated with a modulation frequency of up to 50 Hz and it achieves a spectral resolution of about 6 cm-1.

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